COREROUND Token, where a trusted travel agency and traveler work together to create a TRAVEL ecosystem,
and the COREROUND Platform allows participants to create the value of their own travel.

The information accumulated by travelers can be shared within the encrypted nodes through block chain,
and it has been suggested that they can position each other and the necessary information through an artificial intelligence foundation.

This will provide a platform that will satisfy both travelers and businesses,
and will provide information to consumers for safer and more reliable journeys.


As customers' expectations for travel increase, they are looking for safer and more diverse services through content.

The COREROUND token platform is designed to comes from data collected and dedicated to location and information sharing
so that customers can travel safely. It is designed to enable offline travel agencies to offer higher quality services.
In addition, travel agencies can be encouraged to compete fairly.

If you participate in the travel experience and know-how of this process through the community, you can receive COREROUND Token as a reward,
and the COREROUND Token will provide you with a travel agency service. The ERC20 series of block chain systems will continue
and expand travel and tourism worldwide with high compatibility.

autonomy of settlement

The goal is to ensure that payments are safe, anytime, anywhere in a block chain environment and are free of time constraints.

Creating a healthy market environment

We will encourage online and offline travel agencies to offer higher quality services so that they can compete fairly with other companies involved.

Creating a safety market environment

Aiming to create a safe travel environment, the identity of the traveler will continue to be stored on the block chain platform and transmitted to the network so that family and friends will be able to make sure travelers have a safe journey.


June 2017
Initial project planning
March 2018
INCOTERS study and review
September 2018
Team configuration
October 2018
Planning and development progress
December 2018
White paper production and platform planning
January 2019
Travel agency exchange and collaboration
February 2019
IEO and listing review
March 2019
Composition of BlockChainHub by Major Tourist City
June 2019
Tourchain networking progress
September 2019
Publish blockchain academy journal
March 2020
Connection with community platform
February 2021
TourChain Network for Changing Hub Configuration

Token Distribution

Total Distribution : 1,000,000,000 Token

Initial Max Distribution (Market circulation) : 2,000,000 Token

Fixed item Ratio Major contents Rocking ratio
IEO 0.5% Initial distribution volume  
Team 5% Team distribution after LOCK for 5 years 100%
Marketing 20% LOCK over 6 months 100%
Emergency Reserve 10% Emergency reserve 100%
R&D 16.5% Release 2.5% every 2 months after 6 months lock 100%
M&A 28% Can be used for R&D expenses after two years of lock 100%
Social welfare 20% Social welfare fund 100%
Total 100% 99.5% LOCK of total volume